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Carle Place
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The Estate Planning Attorneys in Carle Place, NY You Can Trust

At D'Angelo Law Associates,

We put over 30 years of legal experience and innovation to work for you today. As one of Carle Place’s most prominent law firms, we have long-standing client relationships that span generations. We have earned a reputation for crafting innovative business and financial solutions and developing precedent-setting legal strategies to achieve our clients’ goals. We stand out from our competition because we hold the individual needs of each client above everything else. Find out what makes us different.

Practice Areas


Trusts and estates is a practice area that involves the creation and management of trusts and the administration of estates. Trusts are legal arrangements in which one party, known as the trust creator or settlor, transfers ownership of assets to another party, called the trustee, to hold and manage for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries. Trusts can be created for a variety of purposes, including to manage assets during one’s lifetime, to provide for loved ones after death, and to achieve tax and estate planning goals.

In the context of trusts and estates, estate administration refers to the process of managing and distributing a deceased person’s assets in accordance with their wishes, as expressed in their will or trust document. This can include tasks such as gathering and valuing the deceased’s assets, paying debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries.

D’Angelo Law Associates specializes in trusts and estates, and assist clients with a wide range of services, including drafting and reviewing trusts and wills, advising on tax and estate planning strategies, representing clients in probate and trust administration proceedings, and handling disputes that may arise in these areas.


Estate planning is a practice area that involves helping individuals and families plan for the management and distribution of their assets during their lifetime and after death. Estate planning attorneys work with clients to develop customized plans that address their specific goals and needs, taking into account factors such as their financial situation, family dynamics, and any potential legal or tax issues.

Some common services provided by estate planning attorneys include drafting and reviewing wills and trusts, advising on tax planning strategies, creating powers of attorney, and establishing guardianships for minor children or incapacitated adults. Estate planning attorneys may also assist clients with charitable giving and asset protection planning, as well as helping them navigate the probate process after a loved one’s death.

Overall, the goal of estate planning is to help clients protect their assets, minimize taxes and other costs, and ensure that their wishes are carried out according to their desires.


Real estate law is a practice area that involves the legal issues surrounding the ownership, use, and development of real property. Real estate law can encompass a wide range of legal issues, including property transactions, landlord-tenant matters, zoning and land use regulations, and construction disputes.

Tasks include reviewing and drafting purchase and sale agreements, conducting title searches, and handling the closing process. In a landlord-tenant matter, we can assist with issues such as drafting leases, handling evictions, and resolving disputes between landlords and tenants.

Read Our Reviews

Lyse Jackel
Lyse Jackel
September 27, 2022.
Miss J. D'Angelo is easy to speak to. She explain in detail all the documents that you may need for your situation.
lisa tallarico
lisa tallarico
September 27, 2022.
My husband and I completed our estate planning with D'Angelo Associates, and they were extremely professional and considerate. Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable and her entire office is a pleasure to work with. We would recommend her to anyone needing assistance in the planning process.
Christopher Toften
Christopher Toften
September 26, 2022.
Very Helpful and Caring People. They go the extra mile to help people.
JoAnn Porcelli
JoAnn Porcelli
February 21, 2022.
Cannot recommend this law practice enough. Explains everything and stands by you each step of the way. Has been a true pleasure to do business with.
Madhu Malhotra
Madhu Malhotra
November 18, 2021.
Stephanie and the whole Team are Excellent I have so much Faith in them They are Gracious. Go out of their way to address your needs promptly . Very proactive and knowledgeable. I have everything done through them. They make you feel like Family. Mr Frank D’Angelo and Dr Annmarie’D’Angelo are Excellent with Elder care and Family Care needs. Very Prompt and you feel that you are taken care of from the first time you meet with them. Me and my Family are Grateful for everything they do and have done. I will highly recommend them for all your needs.
August 9, 2019.
I interned at D'Angelo Law Associates this past summer and had the most wonderful experience. The firm takes personal interest in every client and works to address the specific needs of each case. It was the best learning experience I could have asked for before starting my first year of law school this coming fall.
Lynne Muchinsky
Lynne Muchinsky
October 29, 2018.
All the folks at the D'Angelo Law Associates office have always been very accommodating. They always get back to you timely and if you are unable to travel, they make house calls.
Lizzie Fedorowicx
Lizzie Fedorowicx
October 27, 2018.
Competent, professional attorney

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About Carle Place, NY

Carle Place, NY is a village located in Nassau County on Long Island, roughly fifteen miles east of Manhattan. It is part of the town of North Hempstead and was incorporated in 1931. Carle Place has a population of 3,539 as of 2019.

Carle Place boasts a diverse array of businesses and educational opportunities. It is home to Carle Place High School and Middle School, the only schools in Nassau County to be named a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education. The village also has two elementary schools, Cherry Lane Elementary and Rushmore Avenue Elementary, as well as the private Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Elementary School.

Carle Place is home to several shopping centers, including Carle Place Shopping Center and Country Glen Center, as well as many restaurants. Many of the village’s streets feature quaint boutiques and unique stores that offer a variety of goods ranging from clothing and gifts to antiques.


Carle Place, New York is a hamlet located on the north shore of Long Island. The population as of 2019 was estimated at 4,708, with families making up 62.2% of the total population, while individuals make up 37.8%. A large majority (84.6%) are citizens of the United States, with 15.3% being from foreign countries. Carle Place has a remarkably diverse racial composition, with whites comprising 71.2%, Hispanics 21%, Asians 5%, and African-Americans 2%. It is home to several prominent people across fields such as entertainment, economics and business, government services etc., all of whom contribute to the economy in their own way.


Carle Place, NY is known for its high-quality educational opportunities. The Carle Place Union Free School District is home to two elementary schools, a junior-senior high school and an alternative learning center, all of which provide rigorous curriculums and top-notch instruction for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Beyond dedicated faculty members and staff, the district also has access to ample resources, safe facilities and technological advancements that allow teachers to foster innovative learning techniques. To ensure it remains a prime spot for education in the region, Carle Place has partnered with many organizations and businesses looking to prepare students adequately for their postsecondary pursuits, as well as strengthen the community’s commitment to the growth of generations ahead.


Carle Place, NY, is a great destination to explore in the US! Located on Long Island’s Hempstead Plains, it provides easy access to all of the area’s attractions. Tourists can enjoy exploring the diverse shops, galleries and restaurants, as well as its charming historical district filled with 19th-century buildings. Additionally, Carle Place is home to numerous cultural events throughout the year including festivals and music nights. Not to be missed is the historic Hicksville Gregory Museum which showcases Long Island’s history from pre-colonial times to present day. With something for everyone, Carle Place is an excellent option for an enjoyable holiday experience.

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