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Trusts and estates is a practice area that involves the creation and management of trusts and the administration of estates. Trusts are legal arrangements in which one party, known as the trust creator or settlor, transfers ownership of assets to another party, called the trustee, to hold and manage for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries. Trusts can be created for a variety of purposes, including to manage assets during one’s lifetime, to provide for loved ones after death, and to achieve tax and estate planning goals.

In the context of trusts and estates, estate administration refers to the process of managing and distributing a deceased person’s assets in accordance with their wishes, as expressed in their will or trust document. This can include tasks such as gathering and valuing the deceased’s assets, paying debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries.

D’Angelo Law Associates specializes in trusts and estates, and assist clients with a wide range of services, including drafting and reviewing trusts and wills, advising on tax and estate planning strategies, representing clients in probate and trust administration proceedings, and handling disputes that may arise in these areas.


Estate planning is a practice area that involves helping individuals and families plan for the management and distribution of their assets during their lifetime and after death. Estate planning attorneys work with clients to develop customized plans that address their specific goals and needs, taking into account factors such as their financial situation, family dynamics, and any potential legal or tax issues.

Some common services provided by estate planning attorneys include drafting and reviewing wills and trusts, advising on tax planning strategies, creating powers of attorney, and establishing guardianships for minor children or incapacitated adults. Estate planning attorneys may also assist clients with charitable giving and asset protection planning, as well as helping them navigate the probate process after a loved one’s death.

Overall, the goal of estate planning is to help clients protect their assets, minimize taxes and other costs, and ensure that their wishes are carried out according to their desires.


Real estate law is a practice area that involves the legal issues surrounding the ownership, use, and development of real property. Real estate law can encompass a wide range of legal issues, including property transactions, landlord-tenant matters, zoning and land use regulations, and construction disputes.

Tasks include reviewing and drafting purchase and sale agreements, conducting title searches, and handling the closing process. In a landlord-tenant matter, we can assist with issues such as drafting leases, handling evictions, and resolving disputes between landlords and tenants.

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Matt Herrera
Matt Herrera
March 22, 2023.
They are very professional and friendly. They are very knowledgeable and very helpful with trust and estates planning
Thalia Matthews
Thalia Matthews
March 21, 2023.
Very professional. Takes time to explain what you need based on your lifestyle. Very efficient and does things expeditiously. I highly recommend this law firm for Estate planning.
Julia Simoes
Julia Simoes
March 19, 2023.
I have used the services of D'Angelo Law Associates, PC since 2016. They have helped my family understand estate planning. I appreciate their knowledge, professionalism, and patience.
Kimberly Oliveros
Kimberly Oliveros
March 18, 2023.
Very efficient and personable. They answered any questions that we had. By taking time to understand our needs, they were able to create a trust that fit our needs and establish our power of attorney and our health care directives.
Iris Serra
Iris Serra
March 17, 2023.
D'Angelo Law Associates, PC, and their team were great. They have a systematic and organized approach and were able to answer my questions and concerns. Highly recommended
Lincoln Santana
Lincoln Santana
March 16, 2023.
They were able to accomplish all my requests in a reasonable amount of time and were quick to return any calls and messages. D'Angelo Law Associates, PC is the best. You will be happy and very pleased to have them assist with your estate planning.
Anthony Ross
Anthony Ross
March 15, 2023.
D'Angelo Law Associates, PC is one of the best lawyers I have met. I needed their help on an issue and they were on top of it real quick. They took the time to understand what I wanted and did what I asked them
Elnora Bellini
Elnora Bellini
February 19, 2023.
I needed help filing the proper paperwork to establish an Estate for the loss of my husband. I’ve called this firm because I ran into some issues. They were always there to help me through! I really appreciate their help!
Georgina Mccray
Georgina Mccray
February 18, 2023.
They help me with my estate planning. I had no idea what to do. I’m so thankful to this firm and very happy with the outcome. They made the process easy and we’re very knowledgeable.
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman
February 18, 2023.
D'Angelo Law Associates, PC was uniquely qualified to provide our estate plan. Their associate was very helpful with timely communication and regular follow-up. This will be a long-term relationship.

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About Old Westbury, NY

Old Westbury, NY is a quaint Long Island village located in the county of Nassau. The peaceful community is home to several notable estates, multi-million dollar homes, and expansive gardens. 

At the heart of Old Westbury lies the historic Old Westbury Gardens. This lavish estate was once owned by John Shaffer Phipps, a successful banking and steel magnate. The grounds of the estate include formal gardens, an arboretum, a working farm, and a mansion designed in the English country house style. The Phipps family still maintains ownership of the property today, allowing visitors to take guided tours of the grounds or simply explore on their own. 

The village of Old Westbury is also home to many other notable estates, including the Charles E. Massey Estate and the Coe Hall estate. These grand homes are surrounded by acres of park-like landscaping, creating a unique atmosphere of luxury and sophistication amid the tranquil countryside. 

Old Westbury is an affluent community, with a median household income of over $171,000. The village is also home to prestigious educational institutions such as the New York Institute of Technology and SUNY Old Westbury. This gives the area an air of prestige and respectability that makes it attractive for young professionals. 


Old Westbury, located in the town of Oyster Bay on Long Island, New York, is a small village of approximately 4,200 people. It was originally settled by Europeans in 1658 and is one of three villages in the town of Oyster Bay. According to the United States Census Bureau, its population is relatively wealthy and highly educated; nearly 94% have bachelor’s degrees or higher and 65% have incomes that exceed $150,000 annually. The demographic makeup for Old Westbury largely consists of white (72%) and Asian (24%) individuals with mostly married couples and no single-parent dwellings. Most residents living there remain within the same zip code after they settle down, seemingly content to remain living in the quaint village of Old Westbury.


Education of Old Westbury, NY is unique and varied. Located in the heart of Nassau County, the village is home to a diverse group of educational institutions. From public schools to private institutions, there is something for everyone. Old Westbury is part of the highly ranked Nassau BOCES school district, offering a top-tier education for local students right in their backyard. Residents also have access to a wide variety of community colleges and universities within driving distance or close enough for commuters. With programs ranging from the liberal arts to business and STEM fields, there are plenty of educational opportunities in Old Westbury. With its great selection of schools, this lively community is sure to offer something that will fit your needs.


Old Westbury, NY is a great destination for those looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its idyllic landscape serves as a refreshing change of pace from the densely-populated urban centers. Nature lovers will swoon over the enchanting ponds, astounding wildlife populations, and delightful flower gardens that are inherently part of its identity. Visitors can also explore numerous historic mansions and monuments; learn about the town’s culture by visiting local historical sites like Old Westbury Gardens; or enjoy outdoor activities ranging from golf to picnics in open green spaces. With its array of museums, art galleries, eco-tourism hotspots, and antique shops, Old Westbury is a treasure trove for those seeking interesting adventure opportunities.

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