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We’re committed to providing your family with the highest degree of service and support. We approach every client’s needs with a highlighted focus on integrity, advocacy, and empathy. We will help you plan for today and allow you to embrace tomorrow with ease.

Our team has a well-deserved reputation of over thirty years of excellence in providing innovative and cost-effective legal and business solutions for all of our clients.

Trusts And Estates


As your estate planner, D’Angelo Law Associates will anticipate and arrange your legal documents, manage your loved one’s estate and work to ensure all your families’ wishes are accurately executed, while additionally minimizing taxes and other legal issues that might impact your assets.

Our attorneys offer the experience and expertise to counsel clients in all matters of concern to older adults and their loved ones, including those of a non-legal nature, such as insurance, housing, long-term care, and retirement. Our extensive database of eldercare industry colleagues includes professionals and non-legal resources and services available publicly and privately to meet your needs.  We are always accessible to discuss the variety of issues which arise as we age and as we care for loved ones.

D’Angelo Law Associates’ concentration in elder law allows the practice to uphold a deep understanding of the legal matters and needs that emerge later in life.

Our team will assist with all long term care, estate planning and administration, guardianship, and any additional matters that may arise in the effort to ensure your loved ones’ needs are met.

Elder Law


Real Estate


D’Angelo Law Associates, PC provides comprehensive Real Estate Legal
Services for Residential and Commercial Transactions. We assist our
clients with both the purchase and sale of residential homes,
condominiums, and cooperative apartments. We have completed hundreds of
real estate transactions with Trusts, Estates, and Corporations. We
resolve complex title issues, Certificate of Occupancy problems, and
more complex real estate legal issues.

We also protect our clients’ real estate investments. The firm
concentrates in Estate Planning to protect the family home in the event
of catastrophic or long-term illness, as well as financing long-term
care. Please review our Asset Protection tab or visit our Publications
tab for further information about our services.

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Estate Planning

estate planning

Asset Protection


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